Monday, January 17, 2011

Calling in Sick......

 My dear hubbie called on his way home Friday, said he was not feeling well.  By Saturday morning, he was in bed with a fever.  Saturday night, I started feeling it in my chest and had chills.  By Sunday, I was full blown out SICK.  Now this morning, I feel my throat tightening we thought it might be fluish but now I am think strep, since I seem to get that ALL. THE. TIME.  A trip to the Doctor's office might be in my near future....just hate going when I feel so yuckie.  But when else do we really go?

So today is a sick day for me.  David has ordered bed rest and said my one commandment was to take care of myself.  He is feeling better so he is out running errands after checking in at the office.  His classes hardly ever meet on Monday, so Mondays is his preparation day.  He is also finally taking care of the dress form situation.  I need a plus sized one and he bought medium...sweet man.  Since his knee was hurt and then he was sick, it is just now getting returned and re-ordered.

As for me, I am watching The Buddy Holly Story and hangin' out at home.  I hope to participate in Thrift Share Monday since I do have lots of treasures to share...but we will see....


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Lot's of rest, tea and blogging if you feel up to it! ;O)