Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday...

I wanted to share some of my thrifty finds from the last week.  Some of these were actually from thrifting in Virginia, the week after Christmas....but this is the first I have shared them.  I am making this quick as I am still a bit loopy with the flu....but I wanted to get them out for Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday....

"Tall drink of water" is what I thought when I spotted these glasses.  They will be a great addition to our bar area.  There were 7, so not an even set, but take one away and no one will ever know...right? Charity shop (forget the actual name, the sign just says THRIFT STORE) 1.97

I picked this up for my brother.  His head is a bit easier to fit than my hubbie so he gets the cool hats I find.  Salvation Army 1.99

I still do not know if this works because it takes one of those weird candle looking light bulbs and I keep forgetting to buy one.  But I love stained glass and this will be a nice addition to my antique stained glass collection...maybe it is not antique but it fits in well.  Goodwill, 3.99

I actually forget where I found this.  I think it was at an Antique Mall, but it was super cheap, so I have included it.  I am think everything in this booth was marked down 80 percent...and the book was about 2 bucks.  I never pay more than 10 for a cook book and hardly ever that high, even.

I love the graphics.

I found this at a very small charity shop in Virginia.  I drove past it 3 times and then found it again by I thought I HAD to go in, like the gods of thrift were telling me something.  So I went in and found this in with the magazines.  I think I paid 50 cents for it.  It has great graphics and gave me some reading material for the drive back to Texas.  They also had an entire large closet sized room full of bowls, pans, etc...mostly plastic stuff.  In there I found a Tupperware jello mold.  It was supposed to have changeable tops but only had the tulip with it, I guess the rest were lost in the dishwasher...LOL.  I wish I had a photo to show for that, but I never took one.  It did not have a price so the guy behind the counter said for me to make an offer...and the the lady said, "oh just .25"...SOLD!!!!  I was going to offer a dollar.  LOL

I found a vintage utility cart FINALLY that was not too pricey.  I was walking around an antique store, in my usual pattern...up the first to the right, then made my way back to the front.  In the front there is the "pyrex" booth, lots of pyrex....and the guy working that day told me to get in there and pick out what I want because it was not going to last long, the booth owner just called and told him to put a "50% off EVERYTHING" sign up.  So I got this cart for 23.00  the only other one I have seen for a lower price was at an estate sale and it was 10.00...but yellow.  This one is in perfect vintage condition and for now it being used as a bar set up....until we find the perfect antique liquor cabinet.  The big plan is for this to be used in my kitchen and house my pretty pink pyrex.  As a side note, I did pick up one peice of pyrex at the same booth, but only one.  They had no pink at all or I would have gone crazy.  I picked up a blue and white butterprint fridgie to place in Girlie Girl's Notion Shop on Esty..

I bought this back a few weeks before Christmas but re-discovered it in my garage this weekend.  Dontcha just love it when that happens?  It came from Goodwill and there was no price on it so the clerk said she would take .70 cents for it.  Ok, then I will give .70 cents and it will be mine.  Looks great on our temp bar.

I picked these up at an estate sale and really?  I think I paid too much.  It was one of those "buy it before someone else does" impulse purchases that we all have when estate and thrift shopping.  I like them because they are white, and will go with my pink and white collection....but on closer look, they USED to be yellow.  Dishwasher does it again, I assume.  oh well, they are white now.  I guess that explains the large yellow went with the set...before the set went in the dishwasher.  10 bucks for both.  Hubbie thinks that was a good price....and since he is REALLY the one paying for them, I will let his ruling stand.


and Santa....what more can a gal wish for?
Isn't this the cutest apron EVER?  I think it was 3 bucks.  Has some damage but nothing that can not be fixed.  It will be well used next holiday season.

Another impulse buy.  I did look inside for the publishing date but it was in roman numerals so I had no idea.  Came home, hubbie looked it up, and it is a decade older than what is in my cookbook collection but still cool, ya know.  It was at the same estate sale and I paid 3 bucks for it.

LOVE this bag.  I have been searching high and low for a "grandma" bag (that is what hubbie has called my bags and hats).  I needed one that would go with everything and this. is. it!!!!

Super cute and stylish.

Looked up "Triangle NY" and find that they command a pretty good price on Ebay...but I really want to keep it.  Might use it awhile and then place it in the Girlie Girl's Notion Shop....maybe?

I have a few of these so this will definatly be going in the shop.  It needs a good clean up but it is in really good condition (after the clean-up, anyway)

For a buck ninety nine, this was something I had to have.  it is a pic nic basket for wine bottles.  I have several pic nic baskets that will match this...and unfortunately my "going on a pic nic at the lake" fantasies have not yet come they are just decor pieces in my den. 

We love cabana shirts and this one is a great one in my hubbies size (a bit big but looks cool).  I usually just find these in smaller sizes, so my brother gets them but this one is perfect for my dear sweet hubbie.  Can not wait to give it to him.  I do not remember how much I paid for it, I am sure not more than 4 or 5 bucks.  I usually do not go over 5 bucks and that is only if it is super cool, like this one.

I love the look of old nighties and robes.  So when I found this one for ONE DOLLAR, I knew it was coming home.  The down side of my love is most of the ones I find do not fit my arms (I have my mawma's arms...wish she would have saved me some of her clothes)

This purse will be in the Girlie Girl' Notion Shop as I have several black vintage evening bags.  It is very nice and in great shape.

a bit out of order but this is the detail in the sleeves of my black nightie robe.

More aprons to feed my addiction.

HUGE Vera Apron for 1.50 at an estate sale.  it is super big...could almost be a dress.

 from same estate sale.


I bought 3 hankies from the same sale, only two made it into the photo, don't know why.  I am going to use them to decorate my dressing table.  They were 1 buck each.

You'd think I would clean my glass jar before I took a photo of it...LOL.  GROSS...but the bracelet is super cute.

Someone told me it is Bakelite, IDK know about that....will have to look into it.  I thought my 14 y/o niece might like it.  I paid .99 cents for it at a thrift.

Best Find EVER.  I Love this nightie...and it ALMOST fits me...but not into the Girlie Girl's Notion Shop  it went.  If it never sells, oh well...I kinda want to keep it for the chance I will loose enough to fit into it.

Happy Thrifting....



  1. Droool! I love all of your finds!

  2. Oooh, such great finds!!!
    I left something for you on my blog today, swing by and check it out :-)
    Cheers - Lara