Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do I really want to get dressed this morning?

So here it is Thursday, the day some of the Estate Sales start around here.  I am sitting on the sofa, in the den watching Roseanne, deciding if I want to get out in the cold.  I am quiet warm here in my flannel nightgown (sexy, huh?).  I am quiet comfy on this sofa with Belle Starr curled up beside me.  I am ok with staying RIGHT here ALL day (but I really can not do that, can I?).  I am not ok, however, with the thought that I will miss out on some great treasures.  OR the chance at some great treasures because really?  I do not know what might be on the other side of that door.  The door closed to all of us in line.  All of us shivering and talking about what we are hunting for.

I am NOT ok missing this sale.  Or any sale for that matter.....

I am starting to feel anxious.....  I think I am going to get changed, into something very I can wait out in the cold for that door to open.

I have a problem....



  1. How cold is cold? I left for work this morning in 13* weather (Michigan for ya), & I would def. go out for an estate sale!! New follower! found you through your very nice comment on Thriftcollective! look forward to seeing more on your blog (like the nice things you found at the sale today!!)

  2. I did end up going out and it was a very nice morning. No traffic (the back roads) and the rain stopped. No weather problems except the cold...and it was well above 13 degrees. The wind picked up when I was a block away from home but that just made me more ready for hot coco. I found some yummies and will post all about it the weekend. I might hit up a few more estate sales tomorrow and want to wait to include more things.

  3. I have the same problem- I so feel ya'!