Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!! The morning after....

Good afternoon, morning has slipped by as I slept in....

We did nothing last night.  I must be getting old because here it was, New Year's Eve and I did not do anything....and I felt good about it.

Since we had been on the road since ...about 3am...David and I were too pooped for festive things.  We did not even have dinner.  We said the Shabbat prayers, I lit the candles, we toasted the fruit from the earth and blessed the Challah....then David fell asleep and I caught up on my internet surfing and watched Andy Cohen's New Year's Eve celebration.

We set the alarms so we did not miss ringing in 2011 with a toast and a kiss...and that was enough excitment for this road pooped lady.

But I still woke up feeling like I had a little too much to drink and nursing a migrain.  WTHeck is up with that? 

Being in my own bed was nice and I did not want to get up....but at least whedn I did, I did not have THIS to deal with....

Now, as soon as I am over this migrain....  I can deal with the resolutions for 2011.  No hurry....I have all year to break them.

Happy New Year 2011!!!!



  1. Hello to a fellow Texas gal :) Haha! That picture is exactly how I felt the day after New Years! Thanks for the follow and good luck on the giveaway!