Sunday, January 2, 2011

She has one of her SICK HEADACHES again....

I thought I was being saved from my migrain after getting fresh air last night, however I woke up still feeling it.

We all went to my Uncle Donny's wedding.  It was so nice seeing him happy and having a good time.  I do not know why I said "having a good time", every time I see him he is "having a good time".  The wedding was at a beautiful ranch of one of their friends.  The weather was nice so they held the ceremony outside by a HUGE fireplace.

I love being in the fresh air and the pain of my migraine subsided for the night with the help of air and lots of aspirin.  

I do not get these headache as much as I used to.  I think eating poorly helps to trigger them.  When I have my carb intake under control (after the initial snattiness) I seem to not get them as often.  At one time, I was getting them weekly.  The only think that helped was dark and quiet, along with too many aspirin.

Maybe if I am real still it will go away soon.  I know one thing, I am back on the wagon tomorrow, in regards to my diet.  For now I am just going to nurse myself and be real quiet.

I hope these ladies are discussing a migrain cure....two of them look very happy about it.  The middle one thinks it is all a bunch of "hooey"


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