Monday, January 3, 2011

Back on Schedule....Laundry Day Tips

I love LOVE L O V E being on a schedule.  I feel more grounded that way, knowing what I will be doing, having things in place....well not everything is in place, yet...that will take awhile.  Since it is Monday, it is Laundry Day, however this house is such a mess after the holidays, traveling, and David being home fro three weeks that I have more than laundry to do today.

David being home for three weeks is not really that much of a mess maker but when he is home, I do not keep up with my schedule.

So anyway....back to the Laundry Room....

Laundry Day Tips.... (from

SilkWhy Dry Clean Silk? Did you know that silk does not need to be dry cleaned? All you need to do is warm hand wash the blouse with some mild woolwash (normal detergents are the wrong pH for animal fibers like wool and silk). Then dry until it is just damp, roll it tightly and place in a sealed plastic bag then place that in the freezer. Then when it is frozen take it out and iron it.
Suds & Cleanliness
When soap flakes were used, a lot of suds meant good cleaning performance. However, the way laundry detergent is presently formulated, this is no longer true. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this, and use excessive amounts of laundry detergent.
Washing Time
Never set the washing time for over 10 minutes -- most detergents have done all the work they are going to do by then-- the rest of the time your clothes are just agitating in the dirty water. It may not seem like much, but you can save a quite a bit of money over time using this trick.
Water Temperature
Water temperature plays a key role in the washing process. Hot water offers the quickest, best form of cleaning, and should be used for the following items: Sturdy whites, colorfast pastels and light prints, cloth diapers and similar baby items, and heavily soiled clothes. Warm water removes wear wrinkles, helps reduce wrinkling in the washer, and minimizes dye loss. It should be used for permanent press, all colorfast dark or bright colors, nylon synthetics, polyester, acrylic and washable woolens. You may want to keep in mind that laundry detergents are formulated to clean best at temperatures above 60°F/16°C. Cold water may prevent sensitive dyes from "bleeding" minimizes washer wrinkling and saves hot water. It can be used for lightly soiled fabrics, and should be used to rinse all loads, regardless of wash temperature. However, due to detergent formulations, cold water does not clean as effectively as warmer temperatures.

Happy Home-Making


  1. Thanks for the reminder to reclaim natural rhythms in our daily and weekly lives. The tradition in Louisiana has always been to cook beans and rice on laundry day. Cooks Illustrated, Jan-Feb 2011, highlights a Cajun Red Bean recipe to simmer on the stove on Mondays, while one does the laundry. It's a great recipe too!

    Thanks for the reminder. I have a set of tea towels to remind me of the duties of each day of the week. Care to share the other day rituals also?

  2. I did not know that cooking beans and rice on laundry day was the tradition, I always heard about cooking beans and rice on Mondays was the tradition...makes sense that Mondays are laundry day, it naturally goes together. My hubbie is from New Orleans and we keep saying we are going to start having beans and rice on Mondays again...but the carbs keep me from doing it.

    I think I will work on a post about other daily routines...might not be everyone's routine or following a tradition, but I can post about mine. I would love to see the tea towels...and even search for some to display in my kitchen.