Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...Same old diet

Well, it why not?

I should works WHEN I stick to it religiously.  The diet I follow is called Kimkins.  It has a lot of negative press and I know all the bad that has been reported....  I am not advising anyone to try this is just what I do.

A Little History:

I started Kinkins on June 18, 2007 at 2pm.  A co-worker took a candid photo of me just before and when I saw it, I was MORTIFIED.  It was not me in that photo.  I have always been a big gal but that was just gross.  My face was bloated, my "fat" girl dress was too tight....I just looked all kinds of WRONG.

So, while taking the Assisted Living residents to the grocery store, I bought some chicken breasts, tuna, and eggs and started right then and there.

I lost 11 pounds my very first week and was on my way....

By Christmas that year, I had dropped around 100 pounds.  Most of it (95 pounds) coming off in a very short 5 months!!!!
I thought I was something else in that red Christmas outfit.  Look how tight it was on my butt....showing all my curves.  I have always loved being curvy and voluptuous.  I never want to be real skinny or rock hard with sharply defined muscles.  I enjoy being thick.  David prefers this, too....

I maintained my loss, going down a bit more then bouncing around with about 5 pounds up and down until May 2009....

I can tell you all kinds of excuses....I was in a car accident and ate....I was now living with David and could not keep the bad stuff away from the house so I ate it....I was planning a wedding and bla bla bla....I bought a wedding dress in my size and needed to maintain that size to avoid costly alterations....bla bla bla... I had a million excuses.

David was extremely happy with the way I looked on my wedding day and I am proud to have my bridal photos hanging up in our home.

Whatever the excuses from May till we got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii (October 15), I gained about 40 pounds.  I have maintained that (give or take) since then by going on and off Kimkins and loosing then regaining.  That is the thing about loose fast but you also regain it fast.  That is one negative thing I can agree with...but I keep telling myself I will worry about maintaining when I reach my goal.  My sister is on and off weight watchers and faces the same it is true for many diets.  But I like to eat so this is what I have lived with for most of my life...eating...dieting...eating...dieting....  I know I am not alone with this.

I followed the Kimkins plan from Sept 13th to Thanksgiving this year (with most of October being off plan) and lost 21 pounds.  It now takes me longer to loose.  I took the holidays off and regained a ...FEW...LOL.  Ok ok...I regained 15.  I hope some of that is water weight and a big woosh will come off right away....but then how will I learn a lesson if it is too easy?

So here I am, starting again to re-lose those 15 pounds and then then some = 40.  I like to start small and just focus on what I recently gained then move on to the rest....  makes it more manageable, for me.

David is starting back on weight watchers, too.  We both are tired with little energy from the bad eating of the holidays...

and ready to get to it....



  1. You have lost 100 pounds!!!!!
    You are fantastic and you look fabulous - congratulations! I look forward to seeing more photos of you. :)

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