Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Matinee: Stolen Hours

Mike, a famed racing driver and an old flame of hers, is worried that Laura may be ill. Tricking her into a doctor's examination, she discovers she is; a brain operation to remove a tumor is performed and her symptoms disappear. All isn't well, however, but she is unaware of it, and she and her doctor fall in love. Finding out she is not actually cured, Laura renounces her new love and goes back to her old "jet-set" ways wasting the time she has left until a racing accident shows her how important the hours she has left are. from the IMDb

The costumes in this film are amazing.  There was so many yummie dresses in the first scene, alone, that I was mentally taking notes of what I want to add to my wardrobe (if my sewing skills and pocket book allowed).  And the hair and make-up was right up there with the costumes.  This is one of the reason I watch old drool over the wardrobe.

The story was rather sad.  Here is Ms Hayward's character, a playgirl used to living life to the fullest, facing her last hours.  It reminds of the song by Tim MacGraw, "Live like you are dying".  What would you do if you knew your days were numbered?  Oh dear, this is just too much for me to think about.

Why don't we lighten the mood and look at the beautiful Susan Hayward....(she was also in "I Want to Live"...a movie I LOVED when I was a child for some strange reason?)

I love the early 60s and this film has no shortage of all the glamour and goodness from that era...the costumes, make-up, and cars....they showed it all.



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