Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lincoln Beauty Wear Mid-Cetury Canisters

I have been looking for a set of vintage canisters for quiet some time and have just about given up hope.  I never find them at thrift shops and rarely find them at antique stores.  I might find ONE or a very bad, dented, mis matched set...and they are always over 30 dollars.  Yesterday I did a search on ebay and etsy, pretty much given in to only finding them there...and of course paying a premium and shipping on top.  I found quiet a few I liked...

Click on each photo to go to the auction.  The top photo's auction ends in about 15minutes, s you better hurry.

Anyway, even on ebay there are so many worn out and incomplete sets.  But I had decided that it might be fun to buy something and just look for the rest of the pieces as I shop around.  That is part of the fun, after all.

I had to leave my desk for some reason or another and never returned to bid...

Later in the day I had to run a few errands that took me to he down Town Plano area o I decided to stop in at one of the Antique Malls I frequent....they had nothing in regards to canister sets....but I did get a vintage train case (yes, another one...I am addicted) and this one matches the vintage suit case I bought last week at an estate sale.  More to come on that....

Anyway, since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped in at the little Thrift Store that has turned into a gold mine for me (maybe one trinket at a time but I have found some wonderful things there).  I browsed around and made my way t the ONE shelf they have in regards to housewares and found my coveted Lincoln Beauty Ware Mid-Century Canisters that I have bee searching high and low to find.  The exact set I have wanted....not settling on something I really did not want....I found THE SET I WANTED....with the exception of ONE canister, the coffee canister, it was complete with lids,  the black finales on top, and the labels (one corner is missing on "Tea" think).  I piled each canister into my arms and went to pay.

The cashier saw that the price was marked for a set of 4 and called up the lady in the back and asked her if they were mis marked or was there another canister lurking in the off she went to search.  She came back holding the "Coffee" canister!!!!

Not all the black finales on the top stay up and there are a few rust spots, both are easy fixes.  I can not believe the luck and they were only 4.95 for the set.


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  1. Oh, those are nice. I remember when everybody had a set like the top one.

  2. SCREECH! I love them so happy for you, awesomeness. I love it when things like that happen. Actually I probably hurt someone for that little green table too.

  3. How cool to get exactly what you wanted! Fortune was definitely smiling on you :-)

  4. What a deliciously mod set! Frequent thrifting always pays off, you finally hit the jack pot! I love the still life full of treasures you have pictures last in this post, too. :)

    (And I'm going to listen to the music you have on this blog while I work today. Great selection!)

  5. I LOVE those! I'm a fan of canister sets in general, but those are the gold standard. What a great find!

  6. I was just saying to someone else. It's always worth waiting for what you really want. The thrift gods will come through in the end.

  7. Oh man. What a great find! Came over from Selena's Thrift Share and now I'm feeling a little green with envy.

  8. Wow! Love the canisters! I was lucky enough to find a similar set last year ( If they need sprucing up, Barkeeper's Friend is the way to go!

    Catherine (

  9. OMGoodness...I did not even think of using Bartenders Friend...we have that in our cleaning supplies as I am always needing it. Thank you so much for the tip. They have cleaned-up pretty good but have a few spots that this might do the trick on....thanks.

  10. Oh...just looked at the post about YOUR canisters and realise I have that tiered tray thing, too...need to go find it. Love your blog.

  11. Holy Moly, $4.95? Not in my neck of the woods. What a great score! Love the pink gooseberry, too.