Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrifty Living Ideas...and link up with The Penny Worthy Project

I just read on a blog I follow, Hey Mom, What's for Dinner, about the Penny Worthy Project.  This is where you link up with others are are living thrifty by various means and share your tips.  It could be from thrifting, cooking frugally, creating, crafting, whatever you do to help your household bottom line.

Since we all know I love "thrifting", I will start there.  I have been thrifting for a long time, starting back when I was studying theatre in college.  We would use thrift stores for props, costumes, whatever.  Once while looking around for useful things for the theatre department, I found myself in the men's clothes and saw several Polo shirts by Ralph Lauren.  Being the preppy college girl (unlike most in the theatre department at that time) that I was, I bought every last one.  The thing was, most were too small for I gave them to my BFF and she thought I was the most generous person around.  When these polos were going for 60 bucks at Dillard's and Neiman's, I could afford to be such a generous friend at under 5 bucks a polo, right?  Anyway....much thrifting for designer and name brand clothing I am.

Now I am not so hung up on the LABEL, but I still like finding quality.  When buying clothing at the charity and thrift shops, I look for things with a quality label and even better if it still has the tags attached.  I have found many cashmere sweaters this winter that the tags are still attached.  I am talking about twin sets that would set you back over 70 dollars (at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshals) each piece and up (just saw a pretty Ralph Lauren boat-neck for about 400???!!!???).  Unless it is a color I have been looking for, I will not pay over 5.00 for a twin set and they are out there for less.

I also keep my eye out for good vintage clothing, but those are usually not my size or well picked over by the dealers around here.  I have not been so lucky in finding much in vintage since the late 1990's.  (same goes for pyrex, which I love).

Along with nice sweaters, I keep my eyes out of for GOOD quality wool skirts.  It is not too often that it gets very cold in Texas, so a warm wool skirt and sweater can be enough for me to keep warm.  I especially like the pleated wool skirts or a sexy tight fitting wool skirt. Again, I do not pay over 5.00 for any peice of clothing unless it is something that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE.

There are many things you can find while out "thrifting" and if you are diligent in your search, you can find good quality clothing, NWT (new with tags) at rock bottom prices.  I am not sure what makes someone throw out a perfect sweater or other peice of clothing, but who cares when I can look cute in their cast-offs?

Happy Thrifting...



  1. oh I LOVE twinsets! I buy them when I can. Thanks for linking up, I love to see other treasures from thrifters. :) Feel free to link up an etsy store too, this is all about living that thrifty life, HOWEVER you do it! I'll be back :)

  2. I've been thrifting for 30 years, and I love quality and great labels. My collection of thrifted clothing is extensive with some great pieces and just your ordinary pieces as well, but I always pay much less than the department store rate, nonetheless. Glad I found you. Some fab finds you have!