Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chic Star.....yes or no? Reviews needed!!!!

In my search for 1950 / 1960 inspired dresses, I came across Chic Star.  I love that the site has photos from people who actually bought these pieces, people in every kind of body shape.  They even give you store credit for posting a photo.  They also let you submit designs for a chance to have your design made, and you get store credit for that, too.  Pretty generous.

The thing is...some of the material is hard to judge.  Is it cheap?  The prices are low, so I am thinking...Yes.  But you can get inexpensive and it still lasts.  I think these fashions are from China?  I would prefer the good ole "made in the USA" lable, but well..."made in the USA" is not producing what I am searching for (except for what I make myself, "Made in Plano"). 

Also, are their sizes true?  Do they run they run small?  Are they perfect?  This is why I do not enjoy shopping online.  Being unsure.  I find making decisions hard enough....I do not need to add this on top of it.

If anyone has experience with this shop, please comment or email and let me know.  When I make my purchase, I will be sure to share my experience...but I have to find the confidence to make the purchase...

Here are the things in my shopping cart...

Thanks in advance...



  1. Those are beautiful dresses, but I havent ordered from them. Have you checked They have lots of different sizes.

  2. Yes. I LOVE Pinupgirl. Wish my wallet loved it, too. I am trying to be thrifty with my choices this year. I do have several of their dresses on my wishlist for my hubbie to think about. Pinupgirl is also great for special occasions since I tend to splurge more then. Thanks.

  3. wow...that black dress is incredible! Get that one! Most online places have good return policies, so if it doesn't work out you could always return it.

  4. I have quite a few things from Chicstar including the second dress. They are great. On the site themselves they post reviews and photos from customers.