Thursday, February 17, 2011

What am I wearing? Red and White Pokadots

 I. Love. This. Dress!!!!  I saw it at a second hand shop and loved it right away but it was way too big.  So...I left it behind, this was right after Thanksgiving, I believe.  Well I was in the area a few weeks ago and the dress was STILL there!!!!  I think the fact that it was marked at a really large size and not in the plus size area was one reason...or the fact that it was MARKED a larger size than it actually was.  That fact made me leave it behind once.  Well since it was still there, I decided to try it on.  It was pretty big on me and kind of shaped like a big ole sack, but I saw potential.  It was about 10 bucks, much more than I would pay at a second hand shop on a dress that MIGHT have potential.  The plan was to alter, add a belt, and ya have it.  The perfect housedress for winter, with a sweater...and spring without a sweater.  I think I might could even dress it up with stockings and heels...maybe?

I love the "shirt dress" look.  The collar looks great with a sweater.

Dress: second hand and altered
Belt:  just plain old from my wardrobe (it has a silver western buckle and rhinestones)
Shoes:  vintage loafers by Etienne Aigner
Sox:  Polo by Ralph Lauren (totally do not go with the outfit but since cleaning out my sox drawer they are about all I got...LOL
Sweater:  I think from Macy's?  a staple in my wardrobe.

Please excuse the "no make-up" look.  My skin has been extra dry the last few weeks and make-up did not help.  We brought the humidifier out and that has helped a bit.

Speaking of "shoes", I have found these Etienne Aigner to be a very good choice.  I found out about them from one of the residents at the Assisted Living community where I used to work.  This woman said that they were her choice for comfort that still looked good.  She was a busy department store window designer, on her feet all the time (when she was younger) so I took her word for it and found a pair.  She tried to give me a few pairs from her closet but they were not my size and accepting gifts was a reason to fire I had to respectfully decline.

Here are a few pairs I have my eyes on...they are new but have the classic look.


I appreciate how these shoes have slip resistant soles.  This is why they were rather popular around the retirement community.  I have a few pairs of Bass loafers that are so slippery when walking on wood or wet pavement rocks.  Also, the soles are well made and of durable material, unlike my Cole Haan shoes that wore out so fast (and they are so pricey!!!!).  They also have a very classic look to them, another reason for their popularity among the retired ladies.

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  1. Vey cute dress. I also love Etienne Aigner shoes. Very beautiful, comfortable (plus!) and stylish. My skin has been so dry too. I think heels and a little wrap would definitely make your dress perfect for an evening look.

  2. That dress is so vintage cute! It works well with the belt and sweater. Great find! :)

  3. Love the dress! It is soo vintage housewifey adorable! (which i love!!)