Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Funnies: I Married Joan

This is one that once I hear the opening song, I just humm it for days.  Oh and that opening...a Mid Century wedding, what more could a gal want? 

This next clip is really cute.  If you are a vintage hat lover, you will love all the hats and cringe at the ones they destroy.  Also of note in this clip is the customer service, along with the hats, we have lost personal customer service in our mega mart world.

"The show announced itself each week as "America's favorite comedy show, starring America's queen of comedy, Joan Davis, as Mrs. Joan Stevens." The series focused on a married couple, Joan and Bradley Stevens. Joan Stevens usually found herself in numerous wacky jams, with or without the help of her younger sister (played by her real-life daughter, Beverly Wills). Episodes usually began with Backus as Judge Stevens recalling yet another merry mishap, followed by the unfolding of the mishap, and ending with Stevens summing it up.
Sponsored by General Electric, I Married Joan was aimed at the viewers who watched I Love Lucy, a year older and already television's top-rated situation comedy. The show ran three seasons in first-run production before falling victim to weakening ratings and Joan's personal health problems." from Wikipedia

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I enjoy this show.  I think Joan Davis is very funny on many levels.  She is kind of like Kramer on Sinefield, using physical comedy to make us laugh.

I remember when we first got cable, back in the very early 1980's, I was probably in the 3rd or 4th grade and somehow I managed to stay up very late and watch TV.  I Married Joan was being played on one of the channels along with Dobie Gillis or Patty Duke...or both, I really do not remember but there were a few of the older black and whites on as part of their late night programming.  This was before Nick at Nite.  I fell in love.  This was so much better than I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver, to me, because no one else knew about this discovery....EVERYONE was watching the same old re-runs and I found something new.  I would beg to stay up on Friday nights so I could watch more of this show and dream of the dresses...oh I was hooked on the clothes back then, too...  

You can see an episode in it's entirety at, along with the original GE commercials.  How fun is that? 

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