Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thrifty Aloha!!!!

Since Valentine's Day is past, I can post some of the Aloha shirts I found.  I keep an eye out for these because David LOVES them and has quiet a collection.  I found a few that I picked up for his Valentine's Gift.

 This is our absolute favorite.   He wore this Friday and has designated the end of the week "Aloha Friday" after the popular song.
 It is a silk blend.  The red is very vibrant and the pattern is gorgeous.
 This one is a very large shirt.  It was half price so I picked it up as an experiment.  I am going to try to make a mini shirt dress out of it and use it this summer for an "after the water park" outfit to go over my swim suit.  I often have errands to run or we might stop for a bite to eat when we leave the park.
 This one looks so nice with David's blue eyes.
 I do not see many black Aloha shirts so I picked this one up as soon as I saw it was the desired size.
 I love the lounging lady.  How sexy!!!!
 This is actually blue, although it looks black in this photo.
 And the old surfer car is adorable.
 I picked these up for a party we are planning for the summer.
I do not know anything about the signature on the bottom.  I think they were made for tourist shops.

Here is a little video to help get you in the Aloha mood...but be sure to mute my blog music so they are both not playing.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to mute blog music.


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  1. I love these shirts. Takes a pretty confident man to wear all those florals!
    ; )