Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Scarf Dress: Vintage Patterns

I found this wonderful vintage pattern recently and just had to have it.  It is not my size, so I will probably never make this dress (vintage size 12....VINTAGE sizing, gotta love it ~sarcastic grin~) but it is classic and sophisticated, the look of the late 1950s.

The really neat thing about this "find" is the lady who previously owned it had an "inspiration" photo.  You see these in today's times, like the wedding inspiration boards or the clippings of a fashionista when she wants to find something similar yet less expensive, for example.  The past owner obviously wanted the sophisticated look of this "scarf dress" but was thrifty and talented enough to make it herself.

I really would like to have a dress like this.  I think it would be a flattering cut without too much excess.  OH!!! and I would finally have a reason to have all those vintage scarfs in my collection.

On the back of this "clipping" was an address, I like to think it was of a shop that sold this dress.  Incase it was a personal address, I will not publish the back.  My aunt used to have an office in that neighborhood and now it is mostly condos, offices, and commercial buildings.  Would it be too creepy of my to drive over and see what might have been?  I am sure whatever used to be there has been torn down and built over for urban modernization, which is popular in that area.   I do not want to seem like a stalker, I am just curious, ya know?

I love it when I have finds like this.  A little personalization added to the treasure.  I hope the lady did indeed get the look she was wanting.


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