Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday in Dallas, Texas

 Here we are, finally, Super Bowl Sunday....and I could really care less.  I love GOING to football games, or watching MY teams play...but I don't give a flyin' fig about these teams for some reason.  My brother canceled his Super Bowl Party, kinda at the last minute, which we had planned to attend.  We could go to a number of other parties or events around town, seems EVERYONE is having something.  It being in Dallas, like 15 minutes away from our home (no traffic and speeding) does not make me might as well be in Alaska because I am not THERE.  As I age, I am not one for crowds.  In my earlier years, had someone given me tickets (cause I ain't about to pay THOSE prices for ANYTHING!!!!!), I would have gone.  I used to go to all of the Dallas Cowboy's home (and some away) games with friends and we had a blast.  Now I would rather watch the game at home or friends house.

 When I was a little girl, football Sunday was a HUGE deal.  Mawma and Pawpa would have us over EVERY Sunday for THE game (Cowboys).  These were the Tom Landry years and the Cowboys were "America's Team".  I remember we used to have to bring our own drink (Dr. Pepper) cause all Mawma had was SUGAR FREE Dr. Pepper, remember Sugar Free DP was what they called it back then.  AND. IT. WAS. AWEFULL!!!!   Anyway...we were a HUGE football family back then....peewee football on up to high school.  Either playing the game, cheering for it, or dancing at halftime.  It was fun, ALOT of fun.

It makes me sad that I am just not that into this game, esp since it is so close to home.  I am sure we will watch.  I enjoy seeing all the hoopla and the commercials and I am sure I will get into the game, somewhat....OH!!! and the Black Eyed Peas are performing!!!!   The weather is nice today so who knows?  Maybe we will get out and join in the fun for a drink or two.

photo from let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLEEEEE
(shoot now I might owe that guy 10, 000 bucks)

I can not believe this post made me sad...what a freakin' baby I am....but it reminded me of all the Football Sunday's at Mawma and Pawpa's house.

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