Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Scandal...MAWMA was in JAIL

As a flipped thru a family album from when my Mawma (Margret) was younger, I found something extremely shocking!!!!  She spent time in jail....up the the big house...on the line....

Actually, I am not a bit surprised that Margret spent time in jail.  She is the little devil on my shoulder when I am about to make a very bad decision.  She is the one saying "oh go it up...have some fun...worry about the consequences still get to do what you want, even if you have to pay the price."  I would rather be spending time with her than doing anything in the world...and not just because she spoiled me rotten and let me do whatever I wanted.  She was a hoot.  My friends even enjoyed her.  I would bring friends home from college and we would all rather go out with her on Saturday night, a nice dinner and then just hanging out.  My friends would talk about it for weeks.  She became a constant character in jokes around the sorority house.  She was a lady, don't get me wrong...but she knew how to have fun, too.   She was my most very best friend.  She was so much fun.  A day does not pass that I want to share a laugh with her.  We would be running the streets and shops (of course, the lady was a serious shopper) together.  She was my most very best friend. 


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