Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in my drawers?

1950's Atomic Ranch House asked the question, I saw that Va Voom Vintage answered and I had so much fun looking in THEIR drawers, I decided to give a glimps into mine.  ~WARNING~ this is not for the faint of hear...I have messy drawers LOL. we will be looking in my vainity drawers, the rest are a disaster (I keep hubbies perfectly neat...but mine, not a chance.  I think I rumage through them too much through out the day....)

I love my dressing table.  I have had it, where ever I have lived, since my very first college apartment.  My mom had one like it, but it was painted black as I was growing up.  It was her granny's, I think, and along the way the bench and mirror were lost.  The thing I remember about hers was it had the same shape and the same little circle details around the edge as mine.  I have thought of painting mine, it is kind of a raw limed oak.  I bought the chest, dresser, and bed head board, foot board and rails when I got it.  It was from a little shop, she sold antiques but not even close to antique prices....some of her things were the very popular mid century (I have no idea where my little set fits in) variety, before they were popular.  I miss these kinds of shops.  I hope they became full fledge antique stores, rather than went out of business.  As much as I enjoy low prices for the things I like, since they are no longer around anyway, I would hope they are still in business and making money.

Anyway....on top of my dressing table I keep old perfume bottles, old Chanel things, an antique silver mirror, comb, and brush, a few of my fur collars, hats, etc.

This is the middle drawer:  hair brushes, rollers, hair net, satin bonnet thingie you wear to keep you "do" ..."done", deodorant (for when I am too lazy to walk to the bathroom to use the other one), misc hair clips, Bakelite sweater guard, oh....vintage bobbi pin card (was going to use it in a display but it got thrown in here) and another bobbi pin card that also came with a roller thing that helps you to roll the perfect roll.

 I keep the more modern Chanel (I am a Chanel freak but my scent is a more modern that stays "out of site, as well" packaging in the drawer, here.  I like to have the old bottles, that were either Mawma's or Greatma's on the top of the vanity.  Also, I have some pretty gloves that "hang" out of these drawers.

Make up, curling irons, hot rollers, and make-up drawer....OH...and Aqua Net...can. not. live. without!!!!

Girdles, a few misc undies, and my big flannel back satin night gown that I wear as a robe.

Nothing but a straw wash'd that happen?

And all these little chests have nighties, slips, panties, bras, camisoles, tap pants, waist cinchers, girdles....all kinds of yummies.  I LOVE lingerie and never throw anything I have an ever growing collection and this is not even the half of it....

So what's in YOUR drawers?



  1. Mine pretty much look the same, lol.

  2. I am ashamed of most of mine! I organize them -but it hasn't stayed that way!

  3. Thanks for showing us your drawers! ;o) I love your vanity. Mine is just an office desk with a vanity mirror with some Ikea drawers and a tray, complete with a lot of other junk. I keep meaning to sort things out and tidy it up.

    And what a great idea, those little drawer chests on your closet shelf, for keeping lingerie in. I may have to "borrow" that idea!