Monday, February 7, 2011

Yummy Low Carb Dinner

Last week I came up with a brilliant idea...well, brilliant to me.  I have one of those old Pyrex casseroles that are divided.  I always wondered why anyone would want a divided casserole.  I use mine plenty as a serving dish but never as a casserole dish....Until I came up with my brilliant, to me, idea.

I hardly ever make carb loaded casseroles because I try to eat a low carb diet.  I love casseroles and love to make them, they are very easy to throw together and bake.  I decided to make one for David for dinner and make one for me without the rice.  To save time I put each mini casserole in each side of the divided Pyrex and it worked out perfect.

David's side was a yummy cheesie rice, chicken and broccoli casserole with a side of brussel sprouts.  Mine was a chicken, broccoli, and cheese dish.

photo taken after a few spoonfuls were taken out
Since mine was "low carb" I will break it down:

.25 c ragu double cheddar: 3 carbs
.5 c broccoli: @3 carbs (I looked this up and got different counts at each website)
2 medium chicken breasts: 0 carbs

Not a bad low carb dish if you budget your carbs to include this.

It was also VERY economical.  We broke it down to about 2.50 a serving.  The chicken breasts came from Sam's in a huge bag, so we figured out how much 4 would be, which was the most expensive part of the dish.  The Ragu Double Cheddar sauce is very inexpensive at about 1.25 a bottle, I used .75 cup (David's portion had a bit more since his included rice).  The veggies were from a recent "stock up" when Kroger had a sale, 88 cents a bag.  I used half a bag.  Of course we all know rice is cheap.  I

A very yummy and hearty meal.


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