Wednesday, March 16, 2011

eBay, thrifting, and general ramblings.....

My blog posting has really slowed down.  I seem to be able to have one addiction at a time and right now, it is eBay....with a mild obsession with Weight Watchers out of necessity.

I have quiet a bit listed on eBay and am very excited about some of the labels.  I have 2 Bebe items and that is making me dizzy with giddiness.  I have had an obsession with Bebe for years.  If I was a size 2, these would never make an appearance on the net...but I am not and will never be a 2.  Have no desire, thank goodness as my body just would not take it.  I will post about that obsession sometime, I am sure, but right now let us settle with the fact that Bebe is HOT HOT HOT. 

I also have quiet a bit of Ann Taylor and most of what has sold has been from that label.   I can see that this will be a label I snatch up when I see it at the thrifts.  Nothing has sold for more than 12 bucks but considering I only pay 1 to 3 dollars for a skirt, capris, or slacks....that is a pretty good turn around. 

Also, I have lots of my own plus size clothing from my heavier days listed.  That is flying like hot cakes.  Venezia, Lane Bryant, and Torrid....not to mention I will have some Ellen Tracy, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfieger, etc listed soon. 

If you have a garage sale in your furture....try selling the clothing on eBay might be surprised.  I had a sale a few seasons ago and no one even blinked an eye to my clothes for 50 I am selling them for 10 dollars plus.

I am off to thrift today.  I have dreams of more Anthropologie (have a skirt on ebay right now...and it is not going for much), more Ann Taylor, maybe some Abercrombie.  I went yesterday to the Goodwill closest to my home and there was not much there at all.  There is a consignment store across the street and I have a suspicion that they make frequent stops there.  It is in a pretty upscale area (well the outskirts) so there is not other reason for this Goodwill to never have anything in regards to good labels.  Smart consignment store, if they are in fact snagging all the goodies.  Might just be a coincidence but it is hard for me to believe since I have found goodies at all of the other Goodwills in town.  No hard feelings for this shop as they have a great section of Plus size things and they are not too pricey for good second hand clothing (that is not from a traditional thrift shop).

Weight watchers is going well for me.  I have my weigh in tomorrow and will share more after that.  Please tune in Friday as I am sure Thursday night will pass by without a post.  We have someone coming in to discuss the redecorating of my kitchen....SWOON.  I love my hubbie for many reasons but this is really getting me going.  I am so excited.

Now off to the back later to tell you about my treasures.


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