Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purim Celebration ~ Party on the Patio ~ Oh Yeeaaaah!!!!

We had such a great time last night at our Purim Celebration.  Family and friends and LOTS of food and SPIRITS.  I think we had every imaginable kind of alcohol.  David set up a bar on the patio and I had another one for drinks of a more "signature" variety (oh and Mimi's much requested Sweet Tea was stationed on my little bar).  The drinks I had planned were very girlie and decadent, COTTON CANDY MARTINI (I get a tooth ache just thinking about how sweet this drink is) and then a concoction of pineapple juice, mango juice, and Malibu Rum topped off with whipped cream.  This was my favorite drink of the evening and oh so not Weight Watchers approved.  David had a variety of beer, lots of it, and then like I said, just about every hard liquor one might want.

The food was delectable, too....a mixture of good old fashioned BBQ, tex-mex, and all kinds of junk food.  I think everyone had their fill and then went back for more.  Of course the desserts were yummie, too.  My mom made home made strawberry cake and brownies and a friend brought a huge box of baklava. I tried my hand at making hamentashen and they were a big hit.

David told the story of Purim and we all boo'ed and hissed Hamen and cheered for Mordecai.  I think we all had fun doing that but the most fun was had by Zoe.

I am still tired from the celebration.  We saw our last guest leave at 5am Sunday morning.  Jordan and Sarah stayed the night and we were up, going again, Sunday.  It was a great weekend.

 So by now I am posting this a bit late.  I have been blog neglectful this month.  March has indeed been madness.  Very busy month. 

Happy Late Purim,



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Purim party!!

  2. You are a great blogger... Seriously... It was a fun night! Zoe now has decided she wants to be Jewish. So cute!