Monday, March 7, 2011

First Monday Trade Days: March 2011

First Monday Trade Days cir. 1965
I spent the day with Krystal, Jordan, and Sarah in Canton, Texas at First Monday Trade Days yesterday.  It was a great day to be out, beautiful, cool, and sunny.  We had fun looking at all of the booths but I did not expect all the new "junk".  Everywhere we turned was the same stuff, hair bows (really?  I guess people buy them but why would anyone pay 5 bucks for a hair bow when they are so easily made at home?), tutus (again?), blingie belts, jewelry, and Sam Moon "junk" marked up.  Which is all fun stuff and I know...not everyone knows about Sam Moon or can drive to a city where they have this stuff readily available.  I guess I get a bit spoiled living in a city with so many shopping options or the ability to travel at will for shopping and fun.  And, well, maybe I am just cheap.  ha ha.

Anyway, I was out there looking for old "junk", and I am sure my niece was judging my treasures the same as I judged hers. LOL.  We were there for hours and I just could not find anything to get my "fix" we were about to leave to find the car, I stopped for pies to bring home for dessert.  I asked the pie lady if there was a section for animals, Jordan was begging for a dog, and a section for Antiques.  She pointed me in the right direction and our departure had to be postponed.  But, unfortunately, not for too long as everyone was pretty exhausted by then.  I did get to walk up and down two short aisles and found a few treasures.  Most of the booths were being packed up.  I am planning on returning next month, alone, and heading straight for the good stuff....

I think I like these too much to include in my esty shop .... beautiful clip on vintage earrings.
These pretty blue clip on vintage earrings will be in Girlie Girl's Notion Shop

I have been looking for a ladies head vase for awhile...finally found one at Goodwill.
she is being cleaned up, there was a cigarette butt in there...LOL.  After a good cleaning she will sit on my dressing table to hold my make-up brushes.

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  1. Very pretty earrings and love the vase.

  2. You gotta love the Goodwill. I score many treasures there. I love the ladies head vase! It's a beautiful one. Thanks for sharing.