Monday, March 7, 2011

Laundry Day Tips to help you breeze thru your day.....~SEG~

Monday, already????  Where does the weekend go?  I had a very full weekend spent with my darling hubbie and family.  March is going to continue being full of fun, family, and frantic weekends.  I should be thankful for the daily routines getting back on track come Monday morning and a full basket of laundry.

Our weekends start with Shabbat dinner.  And that begins when I, as the lady of the house, light the candles.  With this comes candle wax dripping on out beautiful white table cloth.  No matter what precausions I take, freezing the tapers, wax guards, etc, I always find that a rouge drop of wax makes it to the linens.

I found this tip in Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping: Timeless Wisdom and Practical Advice.  I have posted about this book in a previous post, I highly recommend it for housekeeping advice.

Remove Candle Wax from Table Linen

"Apply ice to the wax until it freezes (or the cloth may be left out in a dry area overnight during the cold winter months).  In the summer, chip off all the frozen wax you can.  Next, lay down brown paper over the wax and press with a medium-hot iron.  Move the paper as it absorbs the wax, taking care not to redeposit the wax in a another area of the cloth.  Have patience and continue as long as any wax shows up on the brown paper".

I have found using parchment paper works, as well.

This works well on carpet, too.  I had a huge mess of wax on some carpet of a town-house I rented before I was married.  I just knew that I would loose my deposit because I had one of those big dark maroon, cinnamon scented, candles fall to the floor after being hot and melted for a few hours.  There was cinnamon scented maroon wax in puddles on the carpet.  It cooled and hardened FAST, too fast for me to get much up before ruining the carpet.  I let it sit there, vacuuming  over it for about a year, dreading the day I would be moving and the land lord see it.  The very last day, before he came to inspect the house while I was moving out, I decided to give the "iron to remelt the wax" method a shot.  It took awhile but IT WORKED!!!!  I got all of the wax up and there was not even a stain left.  I got all my deposit back!!!!

Happy Laundry Day,


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