Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unusual Pyrex Finding

I posted this on the Pyrex Collective to see if anyone knew what this Unusual Pyrex thingie might be.  I got some great answers and thought I would also share it on my blog.

WTHeck? Pyrex looking kind of "odd".

I found this odd looking pyrex thingie...does anyone know what it is?  My hubbie thought maybe a gravy seperator then said it is something medical or science related.

I just think it is cool.  Picked it up at Goodwill today and thought it was odd so I bought it to show on here to see if anyone could tell me WTHeck it is.

Since this is an UNUSUAL Pyrex finding and Alphabe's letter this week is "U", I am linking this up with:



  1. It really does look like a gravy separater to me. Gosh, I wish I had one that big for family dinners!

  2. Could be a gravy separater for restaurants....

    Kind of cool looking!

  3. I think it is used to separate grease from....... not just gravy. I know, I love to get things and try to figure out what things are. Antique stores have unusual items that are fun to try and figure out!

  4. Looks like a pyrex cup being tortured. That's some messed up stuff you have there, sister.

  5. Can't say as I've ever seen anything like this and I always go straight to the kitchen items when antique hunting or checking out garage sales. Hmmmm.

  6. Yep! My mom had one. You use it to separate the grease from the rest of the drippings. Pour all the hot drippings in and then let it sit. The grease will float to the top and harden while the rest of the liquids (for gravy) stay at the bottom and then you can just pour them out through that cleverly situated spout! Great find...and Happy AlphabeThursday!

  7. What a cool find, glad you solved your mystery

  8. I am almost positive it is a gravy separator!

    What a fun find. It's made so the grease stays in the container and you pour from the bottom.

    What a neat stop today on our little journey through Alpahbe-thursday's letter "U".

    And now I see someone already wrote this all.

    Oh well!

    Now you know for sure! ha!

    Thanks for linking. Love your header!