Friday, April 1, 2011

Buttons Food and Music for the Soul / Happy Birthday Cathy

My BFF had a birthday this week.  I will not tell her age, she is ageless...ha ha.  Whatever her age she looks wonderful and certainly has a good time.  She has been my very bestest BFF for a long time....we have been through many lives together...many changes....and have lived and learned through them all.  I think I can say without question, she is the one person (beisides David, my hubby) that knows all of my secrets....and I am ok with that. 

We went to Buttons Food and Music for the Soul.  I have been to the building many many times but that was when it was owner, new menu, new's just new.

Cathy knows one of the owners so we got pretty good treatment.  I, unfortunately, ordered the wrong thing.  I ordered some Greek dish, trying to go for healthy.  OMG...what a fool I was.  You do not go to a soul food place and order healthy.  Cathy got Chicken and Waffles and I was so envious.  I did not even taste her meal but it smelled wonderful and her reaction to it was I assume it was good.  Let me back up a bit...this place is all about feeding the soul.  The music was wonderful and the atmosphere was wonderful.  I am sure if I ordered the right thing, the food would have been wonderful, so I will give it another shot.  They are about soul an nice mid range (not upscale, not TGI Fridays) kind of place.  Laid back, low key....FUN.

Big Papi's Chicken (YUCK!!!!)

David's Mean...some kind of fish...he did not like it.

Cathy's Chicken and Waffles....she LOVED it.
I am the kind of gal who likes to give gifts from my heart, and they are not always store bought.  Well...the supplies are store bought and usually take me forEVER to pick out...but the end product is usually something I spend time making.  So far, I have not had any complaints ~smile~.  I gave Cathy a house shaped mini scrap book of various photos of us from the last year or so.  It was house shaped because she is a real estate lady.

I hope Cathy had a wonderful Birthday (she seemed to have a good time) and a happy happy year to come!!!!


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