Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness Wrap-up: St Patrick's Day, Irish Festival, and Happy Birthday AJ

Since I have been neglecting my blog, I thought I would do a few fast wrap-up posts of some of the events.

First off, we have St. Patrick's day.  David and I started celebrating early by going to the Irish Festival.  I had not been to the festival in years and it was a lot of fun.  We, of course, tasted a few of the Irish offerings of Irish Stew and Whisky Cakes (YUCK!!!!) and David had more than a few "black and tans".

We also attended the Annual Greenville Ave St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We started this family tradition last year and kept it alive this year.  Everyone comes to our home early in the morning and we ride the Dart Rail Train down to Lover's Lane and Greenville to catch the fun.  The day starts with photo ops and continues through out the train rides and parade.
 We hop the train at Parker Rd, the first (or last...depending which way you are going) stop on the Red Line.  You would think the train would be empty this far north but it gets full right away and people continue to pile in on down the line.
 Even though it is early in the morning, the drinking has already started.  People bring beer, etc on the train, ignoring the rules of no drinks, food, etc.
Everyone is wearing green, of course.

By the time we get to our stop the train is STUFFED full of merry making Irish (for a day).

The streets are packed, too.  The parade takes awhile to actually show up where we are so there is plenty of time to hang out and have fun with the family.....and of course take a lot of photos.

 I do not know if Santa and Frosty just needed one more parade for their resume, but we were happy to see them.  LOL
 we had a lot of fun and can not wait until next year's parade.

Later that night we went out to celebrate A.J.'s, my little brother, birthday.  We went to Chuy's Tex-Mex Restaurant.  Very good place.  We had a great time but I have no photos, I guess we got our photo "fill" at the parade.

This photo is actually from Purim...isn't he handsome with the fake hair?  LOL
Happy Birthday, A.J.!!!!


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