Saturday, May 21, 2011

My husband might be a brute....but at least I got my Tareytons

That is not actually the caption for this vintage ciggie ad but I thought it was funny.  But then I thought again...domestic violence is not funny...  Oh well...I am going with my first thought.  She looks like a dope, anyway...LOL.  And smoking is not really all that funny, either.

I love vintage ads and try not to take anything too seriously.  I saw one once for a cigarette and the caption said something like "Doctors prefer (insert name of cigarette company)" 

They have so many restrictions on ads these days.  Well on everything, anyway.  I say let the Ad Men use their creativity and have fun...let US be the responsible ones to decide how to use the product.  It is like someone does not trust us, the consumer with "personal responsibility".

I found a book at Goodwill this afternoon full of 1960s advertisements.  I will share a few in future posts....


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