Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saying good bye, FINALLY to my unlucky jeans!!!!!

A few years ago...ok..more than a FEW...I bought these CUTE capri jeans from Lane Bryant.

These took awhile to sell which boggles my mind because I think they are so cute.  I just love the brocade and sequins on the cuffs.  That is why "I" bought them in the first place.  And the top was thrown in as a bonus.    They finally sold, are packed up, and on their way to their new home. 

Do you ever have an outfit that brings back memories?  More than your wedding dress....of course THAT will bring back memories (hopefully good!!!!).  I have several...and this one is one of BAD MEMORIES...so good riddance to it.  LOL. 

I always called this my "unlucky" outfit.  I wore it twice and both times was a "not fun" day.  The first time was when I worked as a nanny for this real creep of a woman over in Willow Bend in Plano.  I wore this outfit when she and I had a pretty big disagreement on why I was hired.  I believe this was my very last day working for her because I did not work for a week then we parted ways.  Not that leaving that job was a bad thing, the children were mostly spoiled and the mom, like I said, was a creep and really hired me to hang out with her...long story...never mind.  Anyway...the day was bad but the ending pretty good.

The next time I wore it was many years later....while I was an Activity and Event Planner for a Retirement community.  This day's story was kind of funny.  I had returned to the community with party supplies and as I turned into the driveway, I ran into the UPS truck.  I really did not hit it that hard, I thought...but OUT STORMS the driver from the back of the truck.  He marches into the building and demands to speak to my boss.  He proceeds to tattle on me and tells her that I barreled into his truck, while he was in the back.  He goes on to describe a scene of him falling over and packages tumbling all around and on his head.  He is very dramatic about this and my boss just busts out laughing.  I followed him into the building to make sure he is ok and apologise...I was pretty scared as this was the first time I had any kind of "on the job" accident.  I knew HE was fine because he was walking and acting a fool.  But he was so mad and got even madder cause my boss laughed at him.  What made this day really bad was I had to go to Concentra medical center and wait for HOURS to get a drug test. 

Earlier that day my boss had told me how cute she thought my outfit was and I told her the story of my fight a few years prior with my ex boss.  And how I had forgotten about the outfit until that morning when looking for something to wear.  So after THIS incident she decided that it was my UNLUCKY outfit.

Now fast forward to today...after the bad luck...sitting in a box for years...being out grown...now too big...being put out for a garage sale....taken to a resell shop...and listed on Craig's list and eBay several times...It FINALLY found a new home.  But before I packed this cute but weird in luck outfit up for shipment...it tried to redeem it's self.  I stuck my hand deep into the pocket and pulled out TWO rumpled 20 dollar bills.  JUST before sending it to my buyer.

Ok...I am pretty cheap so I got very excited about this find.  With this and the profit I made from the sell, I am pretty happy.  I might just go over to my ex bosses house (the creep) and give it to her so she can buy a clue on how to treat her nannies.



  1. No way! See now..THAT is good luck! Those pants just wanted to say that they were sorry for all of the trouble they'd caused. But wow, can you imagine how lucky that buyer would have felt if they'd received those pants full of twenties? :)

  2. That wouldve been the happiest buyer EVER on ebay hahah