Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Reading List: Winner of Revolutionary Road Give-a-Way

My oh my...I have been a blog neglector the last few weeks.  When the sun is shining, I want to be in it...getting burned to a crisp, evidently.  Not too bad, actually...I have been caking on the sunscreen that is made for a baby's bottom.  I usually am quiet tan by now since I have had a Palm Beach Tan membership since BIRTH...ha ha not really but for a very long time.  I gave my membership up since I had skipped so many sessions and this year I am starting from scratch with the tan.  I know...I know...get on with it Girlie Girl.  We did NOT come here to read about your lack of summer glow so far.

SO without further ado....ATOMIC MAMA will be receiving a copy of Revolutionary Road.  Please send me your mailing addy and I will get that out with my next trip to the PO.

And incase you missed my thoughts on the book...just hop on over to the post.  I see my thoughts are not the in line with most, but I am who I am....and most think I have a very backwards old fashioned or just plain MESSED up since of what is what...we will talk more on that when I post about living a Fascinating Womanhood (Helen B Andelin)...but that needs to wait until I can give it a good go...and to do that I need to re-read the book and make sure I get everything nice and flipped around.  LOL.

Another reason I have been so neglectful of the blog is my "Summer Reading List".  I have been plowing thru books and now need to fight to keep up with posting about them. 

The next book on the list is .... Diary of a Mad Housewife: A Novel.  I hope to get this posted this weekend, if not sooner.


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  1. WEEEEEE! So excited! I cant wait to read it! Thank you!!