Monday, June 27, 2011

Whooo Hooo it's Laundry Day

I have not posted anything for Laundry Day in a very long time.  The hubbie and I have been just wearing stinkie dirty clothes, so I did not see the need to post about NOT doing the laundry.  Ha ha...just kidding.  I HAVE to do the laundry on Mondays or we sure would stink in the HOT TEXAS SWEATING HEAT!!!!  Oh boy, it is HOT in Texas.  It reaches 100 by 10am, it seems.  I have to make Dixie Lee come inside so her old bones do not melt.

Anyway....back to laundry day.  I do not have any tips today but I have something just as good (and to some it will be better than my tips, I am sure).  I have a way for you to get TWO free samples of Shout Products to help you keep your family looking their best.

Go the the Shout web link, here, to get a free sample of Shout Color Catcher.  I have never used this product and feel a bit causious about it.  Anyone ever use it?  I am going to try it with something from Walmart first...just to make sure.  LOL.  Not gonna risk anything vintage or pricey just yet.

Then head on over to the Shout Face Book Page and "like" them.  You will then need to watch a short video ( I think...I had to watch a video to get something today...might have been another product....) anyway...just follow the instructions and fill out the info or whateve...and get you a free sample headed your way.

Hope this helps make your Laundry Day more exciting.  LOL.

Happy Homemaking,


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