Sunday, June 26, 2011

Should I sell....or keep and look fabulous? Diane von Furstenberg

I could not believe that I found this label in my size.  Now do not get too excited, it is not a wrap dress.  If it was, I would not even question keeping it.  It is, however, a cute polka dot dress in black and hot pink (a favorite of mine).  I will guess that it is vintage, but not dated too far back...maybe vintage 1980s?  Looks like something an aunt of mine would have worn back then.

What makes me question keeping it is the label.  Diane von Furstenberg.  I love this designer and was very surprised to find something in my size.  Her dresses sell very well on eBay and I could really make a very nice return on investment.

I know I do not have to decide right now...this dress will surely sell pretty good for awhile.  I just wanted to know what my fashionable followers might think.


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