Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bahama Mamma....TOMMY BAHAMA, that is!!!!

This week is a Tommy Bahama kinda week over on my eBay listings.  I LOVE the Tommy Bahama label.  I try to pick them up whenever I see them for a reasonable price.  I hardly EVER find them in XL for David , but when I do I get them!!!!  I will even pay a bit more for my darling husband.  The quality is so nice.  They take hardly nothing to care for them.  And can I mention how HOT I think my man is when he has one of these nice casual shirts on? 

We are a beachie kind of household.  We love being in the water and LOVE summer time.  These shirts are perfect for our lifestyle.  They bring a bit of Aloha to the mainland, for us.

Unfortunately not all are out on eBay they went.  Be sure to check out my listing and bid if you see something you like.

You can bid on these until Sunday, July 10th.  The auctions all end throughout the day Sunday.  I would love for them to go to a good home so go check them out!!!!

I am joining the linky party at My Dear Trash


  1. Love the prints! I'll check it out!

  2. What a score! I can't wait to see how these do. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love reselling Tommy Bahamas shirts! They are great sellers, and the bigger sizes are always high sellers! I have found, however, that women's TB clothes don't sell as well as the men's shirts.