Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrifty Living with COUPONS, Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart

I have been playing the "coupon" game, ladies.  I have been following a few blogs, clipping coupons, stacking, matching, and actually saving money on things we need and will use.  I am not going to "extremes" and will be slowing this down quiet a bit now that the initial hoopla is done.  I got a bit too "into" the game....but like I said, I bough things we need and will use.  I also bought a LOT of things for care packages for Cheer camp (my niece and BFF's step daughter) and some other gifts.  AND...some supplies for my eBay fun...

Here are some general highlights.... CVS is a big player in this "game".  CVS takes coupons, has FAB sales, lets you stack coupons, and you back "Extra Bucks" that you can spend on other things in the store.  You can also get a few things free (either outright free with coupon or after combining sales, coupons, and extra care bucks / register rewards).

Here is a recent trip:

I have had a few run in run out trips like this for last minute items.  All have the same kinds of savings.  Just today I needed to stock up on drinks for our trip to see my niece perform on her last day at Cheer Camp then on to New Braunfels ,Texas and Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort.  I planned ahead by knowing who had the best deals on Diet Dr. Pepper.  CVS to the rescue, again.  They had Diet DP 3 12 packs for 10.00 THEN you get 3.00 Extra Care Bucks to use later on.  Since CVS also has Coke products on sale, this worked out.  I was able to get 3 - 12 packs of DP,  5 - 2 litters of Fresca, and some candy for the movie (saw RIO at the Dollar Show!!!!) all for 10.00 (and some tax).  So I basically got my Coke products and movie candy free (and we will not figure up what I saved by sneaking in my own candy!!!!)...AND the DP 12 packs were a great price.

Walgreens (the couponers call it WAGS...LOL...I am getting the lingo down) has some great deals, too.   The receipt is EXTRA long so I will not try to fit that on here.  I went for personal care products....I stocked up on deodorant, feminine hygiene products (now those can get pricey), OTC meds,  toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair products, and some breakfast things for David when he is in a hurry. 

Some of these items are rather pricey when it comes to such things.  My deodorant is the Secret Clinical which is 9.99 (but Wags had it for buy one / get one half...then I had a 2 coupons).  I got some Zantac (I usually get Walmart's generic brand...but I clipped a coupon for 5.00 off then Wags had an instore coupon, found in their monthly booklet for 2.00).  I got a pretty pricey back ache patch from Tylenol (another 5.00 coupon and Wags had an instore coupon for an additional 2.00 off) so this was under a dollar.  I also got sun care products for our water park trips....they were bogo and then I had a coupon.  I did not buy ANYTHING without a coupon.

I also got the following FREE...they were on sale then I had a coupon that either equaled the sale price or was over the sale price (which means the overage went to the final bill)
4 Toothbrushes (the were 2 for 2.00 then I had 2 - 2.00 coupons)
3 Toothpaste Tubes (they were 1.00 each then I had a 1.00 off coupon)
After sun Care Gel (free when you buy 2 sun care products)

The feminine hygiene products all were bought with high value coupons THEN had Register Rewards (like Extra Care Bucks).  Most came under 1.50 a package. 

The Register Rewards added up to 9.00 to use another time.
I saved a total of 77.50
Like Saving 86.50

I spent 70.09.  Not bad, huh?

I have also saved quiet a bit at Walmart with coupons and price matching.  My last bill, I saved about 40.00 with coupons, sorry but I did not add up the savings on price matching (that is when you show an ad from another store that has a product cheaper).

One place I had NO IDEA I could save with coupons is Staples Office Supply.  My bill came to over 80.00...then after coupons it went down to about 26.00.  I was able to get a huge box of printer paper (for printing postage, packing slips, and just everyday misc...oh...and more coupons :)~  ), packing supplies to ship out the stuff I sell, and some really cute pink pens.  OH!!! and I noticed they had Charmin Toilette Paper cheaper than Walmart so I picked that up, some furniture polish, and sandwich bags.  I can not believe I got my bill down so much.

Now, how did I find out how to do this?  Save so much money?  Well...I have been following Collin over at, mostly.  I have looked a a few other blogs, too, but hers is where I learned so much.  I am in no way an expert but I am happy as a clam to same so much on things I USE and NEED....and a few things I want (the nail care).  It has taken some time...but not much.  I try not to spend more time online than I did anyway....I do not neglect my house wife chores, I still get my inventory for eBay, spend time with my hubbie...spend time with my niece, friends, I am not neglecting things.  I think following Collin's blog helps save so much time, too.  She finds the deals for you...all you have to do is cut the coupons out and go shopping!!!!


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