Friday, July 29, 2011

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Night Dinner and New Candle Holders

Friday nights are special around here.  We make it a point to celebrate Shabbat with a nice dinner every Friday.  "Nice" can be rather relative at times, sometimes we will have dinner out then come home for prayers and candle lighting or we might just have pizza...but we always make it special and different by setting a nice table and eating from our nice china.  Tonight we had the most yummie lasagna, green beans with lots of garlic, Cesar salad, and of course Challah. 

I also have some ice cream in the freezer for dessert, it is ice cream month, after all.

David surprised me this morning before he left for work with a gift.  He usually gives his surprises when he comes home so this was a treat.  He bought me new glass holders for our Shabbat candles.  They are so pretty.  The photos do not show how pretty they are.

They create the most stunning colors as the candles flicker.

Now I also need to apologise for blog neglect.  Summer is not a time I spend in my craft room much, and that is where I do most of my blogging (cause that is where my computer is)...and the time I do spend in here has been devoted to eBay and my new couponing hobby.  I will try to be more engaged, I have several books I want to post about for the Summer Reading series and some other things.  I do hope you can forgive me...summer is just so much fun and this room gets super HOT...even with the central A/C and window unit...not to mention several fans going.  This is TEXAS and JULY / AUGUST is the hottest part of the year!!!!  One thing I have tried to do was to make up blog posts, as I have thoughts and time, and schedule them to post while I am away...but they never post.  I am either doing something wrong or there is a glitch in that system.

I hope everyone is having a great fun summer and staying COOL!!!!


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  1. Beautiful. Was just in southern Oklahoma last week and it was too hot to think! (That's my excuse for my behavior, anyway).