Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couponing for Two: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

I am starting a new series on my ole Rambling blog.  I have read and heard people say that there is no need to use coupons because "I do not have that many to buy for"..."we are such a small family, I will not see the EXTREME savings"...etc etc etc.  Well first off...a penny saved is a penny earned and this cheapskate (yep, that would be me when it comes to buying such things as staples and everyday needs...that way I can spend more on my luxuries like shoes and lipstick) likes to save so she does not have to earn...ha ha.  Saving 10 dollars might be "little" compared to what we see on the reality couponing shows...but think if you save 10.00 every time you run to the store!!!!  If you are like me, you "run" to the store a few times a that might add up to 30.00 a week in FOUND money....or 120.00 or more a month!!!!  1440 a year!!!! With that you might could find a great vacation to go on every few years...of course being the "savvy deal finding lady"' by then, you will save a ton on that vacation, who knows where that 2880 bucks might take you (no brain cells were harmed with that fancy math work...I used a calculator..we all know this housewife does not do math!!!!).

Ok so now do I have your attention?  So... forget that 10.00 bucks all together because, most of the time,  you will save a lot more.  You will save more because you will start shopping differently....and less frequently.  You will really not have the NEED to "run to the store" a few times a week.  You might still do so, because you love to shop...but that is none of my concern. 

Recent Albertson's shopping trip where I bought things we use and saved $45.53.  I only spent 27.59 oop.  And look at the cheese wheels...THOSE are not cheap at 5.99 a piece.  The meat is not in the pic...the meat was 10.54.  So taking away the meat and cheese, everything else was around 5.00!!!!

I have yet to reach the "85 to 90%" savings that some boast about...but I do not buy a cart full of cereal and sugary drinks.  I buy things we need and use.  I do buy cereal, but it is of the high fiber variety so it costs a bit more...but I still use a coupon on it and I find it on sale.  I buy a lot of fresh fruit and veggies...and a TON of meat.  We do not scrimp on what we buy but we do save where we can.  I do not save as much in percentages as someone who is buying lots and lots of items...but I save.  That is what matters....that is what makes it worth my while.

I will highlight the great deals I find and point you to one of the great couponing sites where THOSE ladies can do the work...that is what THEIR blogs are about and they have the experience.  I hope what this series will do is show you that it is possible to save when couponing for a small family.

The first thing you have to understand is that you will need a good stock of staples on hand.  You will need to be patient and find deals so you can stock up on the expensive items like razors and other health and beauty items along with a good stock of laundry care and cleaning supplies.  You will want to get a good stock of things you like....we have stocked up on Hamburger Helper (David likes this and there were some great deals this month...but our stock is about 8 boxes compared to 50 or more that I have seen), pasta sauce, soups, canned tomatoes and mushrooms, pastas, salad dressing, diet Dr Pepper and Fresca, and bottled water, etc.  My stock, again, is not a very large number...for us, 4 jars of pasta sauce, for example, will last quiet awhile.  We go out to eat alot and David brings dinner home at least once a week.  We have a nice dinner on Fridays, for Shabbat, and that is usually something I spend a bit more time and money on...but this, too, is something I am working to find deals as we do have a rotation of favorite dishes.

So...I hope this series will help you understand that you can still save money while shopping for a smaller family.  You do not HAVE to be working on creating a HUGE stockpile of food for this to be worth your time.

Here are a few sites that I use to find deals and coupons:

Coupon Divas
Krazy Coupon Lady
Smart Source
Red Plum

The best place to find coupons is still the Sunday paper.  I do not buy multiple copies.  If I see there is a coupon I need more of I find a clipping service.  Also, we get a free city paper on Sundays that has a Smart Source coupon insert, so I always have at least two of those. 

An example of needing more than one of a certain coupon was when Kroger had their Ivory soap on sale.  David uses this brand and their 3 packs were on sale as part of their 10/10.00 mega sale.  So the soap was 1.00 per 3 pack.  The August Proctor and Gamble insert had a .50 cents off coupon for any Ivory soap, Kroger doubles .50 cent coupons so this made the soap free.  FREE.  I bought 15 - 3 packs....all FREE.  This is something that does not take up a lot of space, will not go bad before we use it, and well...was FREE.  Now David has enough soap to last until Spring.  Then I will find another deal and restock.  I paid a clipping service for their time in clipping the coupons and shipping (because you can not sell a coupon, you can charge for the service and shipping).

Ok..I will stop there, for now.  Please be on the look out for more soon....

Happy Savings,



  1. Can't wait to see more of this series. It's so funny - since the extreme couponing shows have come out, when I tell people that I coupon, they automatically think that I "extreme" coupon. You're right. Every bit saved counts. I've been intrigued by the coupon services. Do they get your coupons within a few days to make the sales work?

  2. Wow, I am always amazed by the couponing culture in America - we have nothing like that over here, there are no regular sources of coupons like in the sunday paper. I wish, because it seems like you can save a bunch!