Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couponing for Two: Response to Comment

Eartha Kitsch made a comment and asked a question on my last post.  I was unable to post an answer in the comments (I do not have authorization the message said?'s my blag for heavens sakes) but I did want to answer I am making a new post just for that.

She asked if the coupon clipping sites shipped out fast....  my reply:

"I have used the coupon clipping site, and, if I remember right, I ordered the coupons on a Wednesday and they were here by Friday.  I think this service is located in my state, so that might make a difference.  It was fast, in my mind.  I was not able to even use the coupons until about 2 weeks later, however, because they ran out of hte soap...I had to get a rain I type this I am remembering that it was not until after I got the raincheck that I decided I needed more coupons and ordered them. 

When I thought I could get them durring the sale cycle, I only had 5 coupons (one from a previous insert, one from a box of Clinical Secret Deodorant, and 3 from the current proctor and gamble insert.  I did actually buy more papers that week because I wanted the soap coupons and a few more...and at that time had not used a clipping service...I bought the extra papers as I walked in to Kroger, paid for them, stood at the front of the store and clipped the soap coupons, went back to buy the soap and saw the empty shelf.  I then spotted the manager and asked for a raincheck.  Since I had more time to find more coupons, I decided I would get more soap and found a clipping site).  The rain check was the key to ME getting this deal...but even without it I would have "bought" 5 packs of soap for FREE...still a great deal.

Now I know some would say...but you paid out for more papers...ok, but I also got quiet a few other coupons that I KNEW I would use.  I got a few more toothpast, deodorant, razor, dish soap, laundry soap (proctor and gamble has so many coupons!!!)....and that saved me even more money...HELLO FREE TOOTHPASTE and FLOSS...and CHEAP Dish and Laundry Soap, just for started.  I will post more about getting FREEBIES least before the next Proctor and Gamble insert comes out.
And I know some will say...but you PAID for the clipping service...yes, I did.  I paid .08 cents per Ivory I guess the soap was really .08 cents.  Still, who doesnt want THEIR brand of soap for .08 cents?

I hope I answered your question SOMEWHERE in all this rambling.

Thanks for reading."

I will do a post about rainchecks, clipping sites, getting freebies, etc as we go...


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