Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you need a little fiber in your diet? Fiber One Brownies Review

If you do not want to try the Prune Milkshake in the photo, and still have a bit of a "problem"...might I suggest a Fiber One Brownie?

I was sent a few samples and was asked to share my opinion (good or bad) with my followers and friends.  These have got to be the best tasting HEALTHY snack I have had in a very long time.  The problem is they are so good it is hard to stop with just one...and since they are HIGH in fiber, you really should STOP with just one.

They are also very filling.  Really, if you need a snack to hold you over till dinner...and have a craving for sweets....and need to get a bit of fiber in your diet...or all of the above...I can highly recommend these 90 calorie treats.

As a matter of fact, most of the Fiber One brand of products that I have tried I would recommend.  I did not like the pancake / waffle mix, however.  The key lime yogurt tastes like key lime pie...I think I even detect a hint of graham cracker crust in an after tastes.  The cereal keeps me going and tastes so good, too. (ha ha just realised this could be taken TWO ways...but I meant keeps me going and hunger free...but it also will keep you going)

So throw that Metamucil, chalky fiber supplement, and nasty tasting prunes away and pick up something from the Fiber One brand.  Go to their site to grab a coupon first....

Now that I have given way TMI, I will stop....

If you would like to get samples and share your opinion, go to Vocal Point for more info.


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