Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Reading List: The Story of a Marriage

"Even a diligent reader will be surprised by the revelations twisting through this novel and will probably turn back to the beginning pages to find the oblique hints hidden in Greer's crystalline prose. In San Francisco in 1953, narrator Pearlie relates the circumstances of her marriage to Holland Cook, her childhood sweetheart. Pearlie's sacrifices for Holland begin when they are teenagers and continue when the two reunite a few years later, marry and have an adored son. The reappearance in Holland's life of his former boss, Buzz Drumer, propels them into a triangular relationship of agonizing decisions. Greer expertly uses his setting as historical and cultural counterpoint to a story that hinges on racial and sexual issues and a climate of fear and repression. Though some readers may find it overly sentimental, this is a sensitive exploration of the secrets hidden even in intimate relationships, a poignant account of people helpless in the throes of passion and an affirmation of the strength of the human spirit" (From Amazon).

Sometimes when I think of this book I like it...sometimes I do not.  It was not the most exciting book on my Summer Reading List....I mean I had a few doozies this Summer (The Alex Cross series, Catch Me If You Can *coming soon*, The GodFather *coming soon*, etc).  It was boring, at times, however it was an ok read. 

I enjoyed that it was in San Francisco....but not in the part I visited last summer.  I enjoyed the time period it was in...but not in what I could relate to from past study.  I enjoyed that it was about a marriage....but not one that I have lived.  I think what I might have enjoyed the most was it had a hint of things I could relate to (except what happens in her marriage) and was different enough to keep part of my attention.

There were a few surprises, to me.  I did not see a few plot twists coming.  If it was not for these little surprises, the boredom I would have suffered would have been unbearable.  This is not your Leave it to Beaver post war, 1950's.  Think more like .... Far From Heaven...but on the other side of the tracks.

It is not a long book...so it has that going for it, too.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was more about the husband....but then it would have been an entirely different book.

If you are looking for a different kind of book, set in an interesting time period...I will recommend this one to you.  Oh heck...like I said, it is not a long book, go ahead a read it.


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