Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of High School: Good luck to our little Cheerleader!!!!

I can not believe she is growing up so fast.  I remember riding in Mimi's mini van with Krystal (Jordan's mom) and Monty (Jordan's Dad) and Mimi taking her to her very first day of Kindergarten at Little Red School House.  As we approached the line of cars she said "I feel butterflies flying in my tummy".

I hope the "butterflies" are not very active this morning as she heads off to her first day of high school.  She is a Freshman Cheerleader this year and will have a lot of fun.  New friends will come along, hopefully some old friends, that we have all grown to love, will continue to hang around.  New challenges will have to be faced as the "work" will be tougher, but she can handle it.  She is a very smart girl.  Smart, pretty, sweet....she will do just fine.

I hope her mom is doing fine, too...because I know I am as emotional thinking about it this morning as I was riding in that car all those years ago.  Of course I have to play it cool and not ask if I can go with her this morning.

I can not wait to be in the stands as she leads the crown in cheers this year.  She has so much to look forward to and my hope is that she takes advantage of this time...because it, too, will move very fast.

I wish her all the luck I can wish on her very first day of High School!!!!  We love you Jordan!!!!

Oh, and Jordan....we sure will miss you at the water park this week.....hahahahahaha!!!!


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