Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Couponing for Two: RIP Kroger Double and Triple Coupons

It is a sad day in DFW Couponing world...Kroger is putting an end to their Double and Triple Coupon program.  While this might not have a huge affect on MY grocery shopping, I have only just started this adventure and did not even know Kroger was STILL doing this until sometime in July...and then I was still not "on the ball" enough to take advantage of it fully.  It is however hurting a few pocket books...the social media, blogs, forums, etc are all a buzz at how this will hurt their budgets.  I personally will miss the free soap, pantyliners, and popsicles....as that is all I got for free.  I did, however, get some very good prices on lunch meat and ravioli with the doubles.

Here is a snip-it from the Fort Worth Star Telegram, "Kroger says it will stop doubling and tripling certain coupons at North Texas stores, effective Wednesday.
The grocery stores will continue to accept manufacturer coupons at face value, but the company wants to re-channel the expense into lowering prices, said Gary Huddleston, director of consumer affairs for Kroger's Southwest division.
"We have lowered a number of prices over the last six months," Huddleston said.

Kroger eliminated the practice in Houston this year. For example, a customer using a 40-cents-off coupon on a bottle of orange juice might have received 80 cents off with double coupons. Now she receives just the 40-cent discount.

Read more: http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/09/08/3348708/kroger-to-stop-doubling-tripling.html#ixzz1XqqNv1jb "
I have not noticed the lower prices...but then I really have not looked.  I have shopped at Wal Mart for my groceries and then Market Street (United) for a few certain items...that I would not know if Kroger has started lowering pries.  I do know, however, that Kroger is way over priced with or without their "lowered" pricing.  While using coupons, I enjoyed the savings...and will not shop there without the savings.  If the higher value coupons I have bring their prices low enough, I will shop there...if not...no biggie.  I will price match the few good deals at Walmart.  I need to think of my gas tank, too, afterall.
Here's the thing....I have not found all that many coupons that double or triple, for things I need.  Proctor and Gamble have VERY low value coupons and without doubling or tripling them...I will not buy them.  There are too many other options to waste money on a company that will not put out a decent coupon.  Gain has a 2.00 coupon out right now...Tide?  .25 cents!!!!  I mean, COME ON!!!! Gain is a better smelling product so I would rather have that, anyway.  .25 Cents is not enough of a savings to matter to me.  I am not extreme enough, I guess.
I am irritated that Kroger discontinued this program in our rotten economy and high rate of unemployment.  That shows a lack of compassion.  They are reimbursed for the coupons face value...and I SERIOUSLY do not think they were loosing money while doubling and tripling all these years.  If they were loosing money, they would have stopped this long ago.  This is corporate greed. 
Albertson's, Tom Thumb (with strict limits), and Brookshires still Double and Triple... I will keep this in my mind as I plan my shopping trips.
You can voice your opinion on BringBackDoubles.com
And for sure call Mr Gary Huddleston, director of consumer affairs for Kroger's Southwest division.
"If everyone wants to voice their opinion to Kroger, contact Gary Huddleston directly. He is the Director of Consumer Affairs and is quoted in the story. His direct line is 972-785-6004 and his cell number is 972-670-6814. His email address is gary.huddleston@kroger.com. This is all public information that I got off a PR news release website. Everyone call him today!" Read more: http://blogs.star-telegram.com/dfwjobs/2011/09/kroger-ending-double-and-triple-coupons-in-north-texas.html#ixzz1XqvRc7HG
"Let's go Krogering"  NOT SO MUCH.

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