Friday, September 2, 2011

Vocal Point Product Review: Fresh Express Salad in a Bag

OMG I would have never bought this stuff if I did not have a coupon for a free bag.  Vocalpoint sent me a coupon so I could try and review this product.  IDK why they are doing this, this stuff is not new.  From experience, I knew what would happen...I open it, use a little out of the bag...close it up WITH the little clip they sent me...and by this afternoon it was brown.  Happens everytime I buy this stuff.  I was in a hurry and picked it up at Albertsons last night.  I knew I would only need a small amount for tacos and we would not be eating at home the rest of the weekend. 

I strongly do not recommend...not even if it is free, unless of course you do not plan to use much...but do not waste your time, money or energy opening the bag on this mess.  Unchopped lettuce is cheaper, fresher, and lasts a lot longer....and really?  How hard is it to chop some lettuce?

Oh...and it stinks when you open the bag. 


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  1. Thank goodness we're not the only ones. I was starting to wonder if it was our crisper drawer. You get about one or two meals out of lettuce in a bag and then it's toast. We've been buying the fresh and it lasts for forever. The bagged kind just makes me feel like I'm wasting food that someone who needs it could be eating.