Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little of this and that.....

So...I have been neglecting my blog, AGAIN.  I used the excuse of "it being summer" but now I really have no excuse other than I have been lazy and really have not had anything to post.  We have had things going on...family events, family visiting from out of town, birthdays, football games....oh and the little thing called THE WORLD SERIES...but we really should not talk much abou that other than to say that I am still proud that the Rangers were there and they gave us a few entertaining nights of baseball fun.

So much of that I could have blogged about but, again...I was lazy.

I am getting eBay back on track, not that I really ever let it slide...the sales were just down for awhile but things are back on track.

Also....I am, yet again, on a diet....I am doing South Beach this time.  I am only on day two so I will post more about that as it goes.  The one thing I am finding is I can eat from my well stocked pantry (thanks to coupons) and still follow this plan.  I can not have everything from my pantry but those things can just sit on the shelf for a bit.  Most of the things I can not have are very shelf stable.  I can have almost everything from my freezer except for the chicken nuggets.  They will not go to waste, David can have them for lunches on the weekends.  This will be a challenge, however, because finding coupons on meats and fresh veggies are few and far between....but with an OPEN EYE, you do see them every now and then.  If not, I think I am saving enough from things like health andf beauty aids, household goods, etc to off set the cost.  My health is worth it and what I will spend on fresh veggies and meats, I will save on a new wardrobe that I would most certainly have to buy if I continues on the path I was going...LOL.  Besides I love the clothes I have and was looking forward to wearin some of my cooler weather vintage dresses and sweaters.  I have a few cashmeir twin sets that I am really looking forward to unpacking.

I went on South Beach a few years ago....back before the Kimkins days.  I did well with it;.....not as well as with Kimkins but I am a bit scared of Kimkins and the fact once I go off of that I gain so fast.  I still am thankful for finding it because it got me away from a VERY large number on the scale....but for now I need something a little more liveable.  I think things that motivated me to stick to kimkins, back in the day, are THANKFULLY out of my life....I have new motivations and am tring something new to reach my goals.  My goal is NOT a number or a size...well except to be able to wear my clothes...  I just want to feel good again.

So that is what I have been up to....


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