Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Diet ....Again. But I think I found something good here in HCG the last time we "talked" I said I had started South Beach.  And I did...but as I was trying to stick to that plan I found something that caught my attention.... let me back up a bit.  I went on searching for some motivation of before and after photos of people doing the South Beach Plan.  I came across a young lady who was doing pretty good and watched a few of her vlogs.  As I watched she changed plans and started talking about HCG.  Her results were amazing so I searched for more...and everyone I saw had the same amazing results.  There were a few who did not do well but they all admitted to not following the protocol, so you can not really use that to judge the plan, right? 

So after lots more research and lots and lots more youtubing....I went looking for a source online to order.  I did not...and do not...want to spend a lot of money going to clinics and getting injections but that is ok because I found out that you can get homeopathic drops, that you put under your tounge, online and they work just as well.  So I ordered some and have been following Dr. Simeons protocol for the last 4 days (6 days counting the "loading" days).  I am not going to link to the info as most of the links I have are to sites where you can buy the drops and I do not want to suggest companies that I am not familiar with (other than reading some things / info).  I encourage you to search on your own to find the information.  I just wanted to post a quick update as I will be posting about this as the weeks go by, I am sure. 

So this is what I have been up to and because of spending my "online" time researching and getting my youtube chanel going for my vlogs (to document my progress) I have, yet again, neglected my blog.

Like I said, I am on day 4 (what we in the HCG community call VLCD, for very low calorie day) and have released 7.4 pounds.  That is amazing to me. 

Although I felt hungry and wanted all of my favorite foods the first for VLCDs, I am now getting to the point where I am no longer hungry and do not feel deprived.  I am also feeling a bit more energetic...and I hope this continues to improve because I was so ..... blaaaa feeling for so long.

I will continue to update and share some of my menu as I go along.

Oh...just one more thing.  This protocol TOTALLY goes with a midcentury lifestyle....Dr. Simeons came up with the plan in the 1950s!!!!  How cool is that?


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