Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Swim on....

We had a great Labor Day Weekend!!!!  We spent most of the weekend just relaxing at home since David had spent last week away on a business trip to California.  However, on Sunday we went to my Mama's house for some chillaxin in the pool.  AJ and Tati (my brother and sister in law) showed up with a suprise....GABE!!!! (my brother Boston Terrier)

He ran into Mimi's living room like a bat outta hell.  And I don't think he settled down the entire time he was there.  No bother, we are used to a hyper dog, living with Dixie Lee for almost 14 years gave us good training.

AJ grilled a Tri Tip Roast with veggies for lunch.  OMG was that GOOD!!!!  After letting lunch settle, we jumped in the pool.

Even Gabe went swimming...

This didn't just HAPPEN....it took alot of coaxing to get him in the water.  It was cute...he wanted so bad to be in the pool, esp when Tati got in.  He just wanted to be part of the fun.

All that doggie peddling sure took it's toll....
He was worn OUT!!!!


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