Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Cards

When the weather gets cool...I get crafty.  It's dreary and rainy outside and it got too cold for the water park (eh I think that fun is over for the year) so my creative juices were in over drive keeping my busy.

Here are some cute Halloween cards I made...most of the supplies are just things sitting in my craft room from the last few years.  I would love to go out and purchase all the new yummie seasonal things but then what would I do with all this I already have?  I am not saying I will not go out and eventually buy a new things or five...but this project was about using what I already have...



  1. Oh, love it! Do you send them out? I thought of sending a combo Halloween and Thanksgiving, but not sure of making them. Where did you get your ideas?

  2. I am so sorry to just now be getting back to you. I do not get alerts when comments are posted.

    I made these for a swap on but I am most likely going to make a few cards to send to family and friends. The only thing about sending out alot is the weight of the more elaborate ones makes the postage shoot up.


  3. TOTALLY adorable- you're so creative! Keep up the amazing work with your site!

    Stay Glamorous!
    xxxLottie Lee