Friday, July 5, 2013

Find Your Voice: Lesson One, Prompt Two: Storytelling Goals

Who knew actually putting words down on paper would be this tough?  I used to take pride in how easy I found writing to be.  I loved telling a story.  I still do, but now that it has been years since I have done so in a “workshop” or class environment, I think I have lost my nerve.  I journal in my scrapbooks and for Project Life, but it is just basic, one dimensional facts.  I want to push myself and make the story of my family more interesting.

I want this story to help tell future generations who we are at this moment in time.  This exact moment while we are waiting to meet our child(ren).  Since we will be older parents we may not be here, or if we are here, we may not remember the facts. Our scrapbooks and journals will be the documentation of who we are.

I want this to be real.  I do not want it to be sad, even though we have sad times.  I want the sad times to show why and how we grew from it.  How something sad can bring something so wonderful.  I want to tell how we came to our decisions.

I want our future children to know how happy we are, together.  How much we love eachother.  How we care for eachother.  We enjoy being together, doing things we love together.  Our scrapbooks already show this but I want to go further.  I want more of a story.

Future generations will already know we are a Godly house and family.  This can be expanded on and more of the WHY can be told. Our roles in the family are because of God.  This is and will be reflected more in the story of our lives.

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