Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well, here I am.  Coming on to ask for forgiveness for neglecting you....yet again.  The only excuse I have is life just gets in the way.  But I will let you know what has been going on....

First, last we spoke I was working, again.  As I am sure I mentioned, I went back to work for the Assisted Living Corporation that I worked for before I was married.  I am not going to go much into that but I did continue working there until late March of this year. As you know, I went back to work for a few reasons.  First, to get my mind off the infertility / adoption / etc process we were working thru.  Well, we decided that further infertility treatments were not in our future and we were moving on to adoption.  Now let me say, I am not going to go into why we moved on from one thing to the other or how I always knew adoption was a journey I was to go on...that is all too much for a quick update....but reason I went back to work was to get my mind off of the wait.  Secondly....why most people work....the all might dollar.  Adoption is expensive and I wanted to stash some Benjamins away.  This was my excuse for neglecting the blog during that time.

I enjoyed working, for the most part.  But I did not enjoy being away from home.  I still believe and will most likely always believe that I belong at home.

So fast forward to late March 2014....I quit my job!!!!

Why?  Well a sweet little 5 month old baby girl needed a place to stay for a few weeks.  Yes, we became Foster Parents.  Long story short....I went to work one day, went about my business, and in the middle of an exciting game of BINGO with my Alzheimer's residents I got the call.  Our placement agency had a little 5 month old baby girl and a 3 year old little girl who needed a place to stay. 

Yes, that is the short version...and I will come back soon to tell you the rest.  .... and the main reason I have been too busy to blog the last few months.

If you just can not wait to read the story....come over to my Youtube channel "ramblingsfromagirliegirl" and catch up with me there. 

Look forward to getting back and catching up....I am not sure what direction the blog will take...or how often I will be able to post....  I would like to continue with the housewife advice and ramblings but I am sure a few foster care and adoption blogs will creep in there.  What I can tell you is there will not be any photos or videos of the babies, we must think of their privacy.  When I refer to them it will be just general things...nothing too telling about their case. 

On my vlog channel on youtube, I have a few videos about the Foster Care process, if anyone is interested.  There is a playlist set up for your viewing pleasure. 



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