Saturday, April 9, 2011

eBay Report For March

As I have mentioned more than a few times, I started selling on eBay.  Mostly mid level clothing, nothing too high end (yet!!!!)...hings like Lane Bryant, Torrid, Talbots, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Ann Klein, Chico's, Eileen Fisher, Bebe, Miss Me...etc etc.  I think those on the eBay boards call these "bread and butter" items, meaning they are easy to find and easy to sell.  These have been constant sellers for me in March.

I love to shop so this has been a lot of fun...either shopping clearance racks, thrift stores, or my own "too big" clothing stash.  I even sold a few VERY large ladies shoes that belonged to a cross-dresser I knew...ha ha.

I have no idea how much I spent when buying things from the thrifts, but I wrote some of the things down so I could have an estimate...

 109.41 purchases and 62.51 in eBay fees...and figured out how much difference is in my paypal from my ebay...bla bla bla.  I am not good in math at all and in no way a good business person....but I think I made about 306.47.  That is not bad at all...esp considering alot of my items have not sold.  LOL.  I made this on 42 items so that means I averaged a little over 7 bucks an item profit.  I might have all this mixed up...whatever.  I made some change for my pockets...LOL.  I need to find an accounting system that I can keep up with and understand.  I think I did pretty good for my first month of not knowing what I am doing....donchathink?

Here are some of my most favorite sells:

Gap Recycled Wool Dress around 3 bucks....sold for 9.99

Size 15 (I also had a size 13) red pumps.  Bought for 0 sold for 20 (the other pair sold for 20, too)

Torrid Goth / school girl skirt.  Bought ages ago... sold for 21.49
(I do believe this sold for more than I paid a long time ago!!!!)

Torrid pencil skirt...bought ages ago sold for 12.99

Torrid skinny pants, again bought ages ago...sold for 10.49

I bought this on clearance ages ago...did not look right on me so I never wore it.  Sold for 16.49

Anthropologie skirt (first and only one I have come across at the thrifts) paid 2.99 sold for 9.99

Bebe dress, without belt.....bought for 5.00 sold for 19.99

Love LOVE L O V E this Bebe skirt.  Bought for 1.50 Size 2 is NOT my I sold it for 10.50

Ann Taylor lace straight skirt...paid 2.99 sold for 7.99
(I had to list this TWICE...I would have snagged it up on the first go around...)

Saw this Torrid skirt at Goodwill and past it up on 2 separate size tag.  I spotted it on visit 3 and it was half off, so I paid 1.50 for it.  It sold for 12.50

Another lovely from Bebe.  Paid 2.99 and it sold for 20.49.  I also sold an adorable Bebe black pencil skirt, found for 1.00 and sold for  12.99.  LOVE BEBE!!!!

J.Jill Wool NWT skirt...found for 2.99 (and it might have been half of that, I do not remember...).  I took a chance at listing this one HIGH at 29.99 with Free Shipping....AND. IT. SOLD!!!!
 I had a few disappointments, as well.  First....I sold an adorable lime green Venezia tunic shirt that I had in my own stash...I remember wearing it once...MAYBE twice.  Sent it off and got an email from the buyer that there were spots on it.  I KNOW I checked it several times....but that one got past me.  So it came back home.

I also listed these items and they did not sell....some things I would love to wear if they fit me...

I have listed this blue label Ralph Lauren skirt a few times with no bids.  It is such a classic piece that I just knew there would be a bidding way over it.  LOL.

And this super cute Ann Taylor tan striped skirt.  It is a size 6 and just sat there both times it was listed...while it's less attractive cousin, another Ann Taylor tan skirt sold.  Who knew?
Here are some sweet things I have listed right now...The auctions are all ending tomorrow....

Vintage Olga Night Gown

Long Chico's Travelers Skirt Size 1 and one in cranberry size 3

Torrid School Girl Skirt NWT Size 18

Disney Tiki Wrap Skirt...SO CUTE!!! Size Large

Chico's Brown full skirt, size 1 or 2...

Chico's Black and White Capris....I noticed another seller has the jacket to this outfit...OUTSTANDING if someone was able to win both!!! 

Eileen Fisher Size Large black blouse / jacket

Miss Me Gypsy Boho Chic Skirt.  Very cute!!!!

I also have a lot of Ann Taylor, Venezia / Lane Bryant, Talbots, etc listed.  They all end thru out the day Sunday, tomorrow.

Here's to hoping April is just as good for me....



  1. Good luck for April, sounds like you did pretty well in March given some of your profits before fees. I have taken a chance and paid a little high on some good quality second hand stuff recently which I hope to be able to resell. Do you have Boden? It's a catalogue (they don't have shops) and is quite high end. I will give it a go selling on Ebay and hope for the best as they are not my size!

  2. I really want to start reselling and actually have a beautiful dress to start with, but I'm so nervous. Every time I read a post like this, I get a little more inspired.