Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Help me clean my closets: More 1X to 3X (18, 20, 22, 24) for sale

 I am still cleaning...and trying to get rid of some things I no longer wear.  Most are in barely worn condition.
If you are local, I can meet for pick-up, if you are not I can ship for a sh/h charge.  Remember I listed things here and here, as well.

 Cute Gray and White Striped Suit
Casual, Capri Pants with Fitted Jacket
Size 22  20.00
 Venezia from Lane bryant Black Capris
Cute beaded / Fringe Cuffs
Size 22  10.00
 Lane Bryant Designs Skirt
Black Knit
Size 22 5.00
 Venezia From Lane Bryant
Black Stretch Skirt
Size 22 5.00
 Venzia from Lane Bryant
Tan and Stretchy
Size 22   7.00

 Tan Flounce Skirt
Stretchy and Casual
Size 22 7.00

 Tan Chino Capri
Cool Cotton and Casual
Size 22 7.00

 Tan Cotton Mini
Cargo Styled
Size 24 5.00
 Denim Scooter
Lots of Pockets
Size 24  5.00
 Venezia by Lane Bryant
Denim Skinny Jeans with Zip Leg
Size 24 10.00
 Venezia by Lane Bryant
Denim Cargo Mini
Size 22 10.00
 Tommy Hillfieger
5 Pocket Jeans
Size 22W  15.00
Denim Capri
Cute and Casual
Size 22 7.00

I will consider reasonable offers, as well.  These will go on eBay next week but I would much rather sell on my own and save the fees.


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