Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Passover

I just love this time of year, Spring is starting to arrive and we have Passover and Easter...we are an equal opportunity household when it comes to holidays.

We celebrate Passover here in our home but on Easter Sunday we go to my sister's house for Easter, and for this year, my sister's birthday. 

Also, since I am working in a Preschool (did I tell y'all about that?) most of the children there are all about the Easter Bunny.  I just loved seeing them in their Easter colors for our Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday.  They made home made baskets earlier in the week and everything was so cute. David and I did the Sader on Monday.  Since I had to work that day, everything was pretty rushed.  Thank goodness David took the week off.  I am still getting used to working so my schedule and knowing how to work everything in has still not situated it's self.

We had the most yummie meal.  My favorite, ribeyes, mushrooms and onoins, cesar salad, and augratin potatoes with extra cheese.  Since I was loading for another round of HCG, I wanted everything extra fatty.  I went to bed that night FOOD DRUNK and woke up Tuesday with a food hangover.  LOL. 
We finished our meal with macaroons and ice cream. 
They look like meatballs but they are rocky road and red velvet flavored macaroons.
We hope everyone has a great week, whatever holiday you are celebrating!!!!




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